Welcome to Jessanda Farm Fresh

Here at Jessanda Farm Fresh we believe animal welfare and sustainable agriculture matter!

We are a family run business located in Yarroweyah in Northern Victoria producing the highest quality and  nutritious  eggs. Our happy, healthy chickens graze on open pasture and enjoy life whilst adding some of their own natural contributions to fertilizing our paddocks. 

Where to buy our eggs

We deliver our eggs to a number of local businesses and cafes as well as do weekly deliveries to Melbourne and Geelong. We also have a farm gate open 7 days a week.

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Meet the Team

Being a family run business everyone has their own role on the farm to help out. Our helpers include our five beautiful children Melissa, Matthew, Emily, Aidan and Xavier. The favorite being Emily of course.

~ Emily :)

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If you would like to keep up to date with what is going on around the farm feel free to follow us on  Instagram  and  Facebook .

Customers love them

Jessanda's eggs are delicious! bright yellow / orange yolks, full of flavor, they come from happy chooks  and When you buy them, you are supporting a small local business !!. You can not go wrong  . I highly recommend them.

- Karen

Chefs love them

They are the most consistent eggs we have ever had, for freshness, color, and size. They hold their shape whether they are poached or fried. They are the closest to home grown eggs I have ever tasted.

- Mark Cafe Bear & Scoobs

For people who value quality food and nutrition